I brought a new toy….

“When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and white, you photograph their souls!” 
― Ted Grant. 

I found that quote and thought how lovely it was. It really strikes a note with me. 

I study photography and my love of capturing images has extended from my trust worthy DSLR to the camera on my mobile phone. Sometimes it’s so much easier and faster to get my mobile out and take a photo, not only because I can pop it up on Instagram and share with the world but because  I like that others see my photos and think them good enough to leave a comment or a like! 

It is through the filters on Instagram that I was inspired to buy a new camera but not digital or some fancy super zoom with a thousand buttons and dials on but an real film camera! I love analogue photography just as much as digital because it’s unpredictable. You can’t guarantee how a photo has come out, because you can’t see it. It’s a case of wait and see what happens on the film. 

So I set out to try my hand at Lomography! What in the heck is Lomography you ask?! Well Lomography started out as a spontaneous artistic approach to photography in the Vienna underground scene. It’s now an international socio-cultural movement, one that uses analogue photography as a creative approach for capturing the world. Today we are a globally active organization dedicated to experimental and creative snapshot photography. The idea of Lomography encompasses an interactive, democratic, social, cultural, vivid, blurred and crazy way of life. 

I have brought a Lomography camera called ‘Diana Mini’ I brought the pink one cause it was bright pink and black, I am a real sucker if something looks ‘cool’ or would look great on  a coffee table I will likely buy it!! These mini camera’s are mostly made up of plastic which means it’s super portable and they remind me of the 60’s! 

With two photo formats I can take two completely different photo formats. Either go for 36 square photos or shoot a whopping 72 photos on a roll with the half-frame mode. They have two exposure settings so no worrying about it being to sunny or to dull. It also has Multiple and Long Exposure capabilities which means I can really experiment with how I take the photos. Also something to note about these camera’s is that the Diana has a tripod thread and cable release thread this is very unusual for this type of camera but a real bonus if you want to eliminate camera shake or blurred shots. They also take 35mm film which is perfect because you can buy that pretty much anywhere. 

I am going to have so much fun when this arrives, I may try some of the color negative film too or some expired film which would normally be a big no no but not for this kinda photography when the aim of the game is obtain obscure looking photo effects. By using the expired film you could get some really cool effects. 

Trouble is now I have seen some really cool Lomography camera’s that do different things not to mention they are so adorable and cute looking that I may end up with a whole collection of these! Image

The Diana Mini in Pink and Black with flash. 


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