Lucozade and Cough Medicine.

Although the title may sound like a song title by some super cool indie rock band sadly it’s not and is just literally a description of my current situation.

Ah the joys of a hacking cough! I sound like I smoke 40 a day. It’s made worse by the fact I have asthma and this cold weather makes a cough worse. I don’t know if anyone else has this but when you have a cough regardless of having asthma, you are sat with your family just casually watching TV and you cough or you have to clear your throat cause if you hold it in you end up making more noise than ever but they get so annoyed at the intrusion of their TV time that they tactically make a point of tutting at your coughing!

Well thanks very much! Excuse me while I choke to death! I’m so very sorry you missed one line of some TV program! I find my self uttering things like “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose.” and “I really can’t help it, I have to cough.” They do it at night too they shout stuff like “Have you taken your inhalers?!” It’s like “No I thought I’d just have a good old cough! Of course I’ve taken the damn things.”  I really shouldn’t have to say sorry for having a cough. Yet when it’s them that has a cold or cough it’s ok for them to sit and hack up a lung like they have the plague all through a program that is worth watching but do I sit there tutting and being all judgy? No I don’t.

It really get’s on my nerves and because I am aware that if I dare to cough I get commented on that I end doing it more cause I’m nervous. So yeah I am mostly living on Lucozade and cough medicine. In my mind when I take it, steam comes out of my ears like in Harry Potter when they are fed that potion for colds and coughs…

I do think it’s this weather though, I mean you go from a week of kinda nice warm weather and then suddenly BOOM it’s snowing again! I looked out of the window a while ago and it really is coming down quite heavy! On the drive to and from Asda today for said supplies it was like a sci-fi movie! At any moment I expected to suddenly have to drive like a crazy person to reach the house in time so I wouldn’t freeze and die! You know them films that it’s sunny one moment and then some expert that is always just randomly having some kinda mental breakdown but just happens to be in the right place at the right time and see’s some abnormal weather front moving in and ends up having to persuade the government to do something but in the mean time a few hundred people die just to prove that it’s real and dangerous. The day is always saved but in reality this would never happen, they’d just chuck the important people into a bunker and leave us all to freeze or to work shiz out for ourselves! Cause let’s be honest here the government wouldn’t care less they’d just find ways of making money out of it some how. I digress from the point that I came to ramble about but this is how my brain works and well I’m dossed up on Lucozade and blasting Halestorm into my ears.

I swear if I sneeze one more time I may get lynched for making noise…Cause god forbid I should make a noise like breathing or simply not being able to help being ill… Just wait when they get my germs I’m gonna turn into the cough police and huff, sigh and tut every time one of them coughs see how they like it…

Family’s can’t live with them and can’t live without them! *coughs* Sorry not sorry!


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