An afternoon in the park….

So today after a long and some what boring meeting about work and other work related stuffs I meet my Mum for lunch. Well I say lunch, can you call it lunch as like 3.30 in the afternoon?! Either we where sat in one of our favorite little cafe’s in Colchester, it’s right near the park called Coffee Cube. 

We where sat near the window so we could people watch, when I noticed this little lady wandering around outside with her arms full of vases of flowers, I didn’t really play much attention other than wondering what she would be doing wandering Colchester with vases full of flowers, think they where mini daffodils.  She then struggled into the cafe and places a vase full  on one of the shelves, which where very bare and automatically brighten the place up. 

I sat there and I thought what an odd thing to do, odd but very kind. She didn’t seem to ask for payment and the girls behind the counter seemed a bit confused about what she was doing so either they’d not seen it before or it was the first time she had done so. Now I know it’s an odd thing to do, just roam into a cafe and put a vase full of flowers on a shelf (they also had water into, so no wonder she was struggling to walk about, as she had an arm full as well as a bags full.) but it’s also a very generous thing to do, many people would simply over look an act of kindness. I turned to Mum and said “Wow, what a nice thing of her to do.” 

What annoyed me was the reaction of one of the women that worked in the cafe, one of the girls said “Do you think we should get her some chocolates to say thanks for the flowers.” and the older woman said “What? A box of frogs?!” Now I don’t know if it was just me and how I took what she said wrong but the younger girl said nothing more and neither did the older one but I really wanted to get up and say something. Because at the end of the day, who cares if the lady that gave the flowers was a little bit kooky?!

She looked to be in her early 80’s I suppose, so maybe she’s lonely and grows the flowers and takes them to the different cafes around Colchester to see people and speak to people. Why do people have to be so judgmental! Maybe I just took what the lady said the wrong way, cause I am quick to jump to peoples defense but I’m rarely wrong about these things! 

At the end of the day she was just giving some flowers to make it look nice. What people forget is that one day they will be old too! Maybe one day she will be the old lady wandering around just doing something nice so she can speak to people! Lets hope people don’t judge her the same way she seemed to judge the flower lady! 



Cafe woman aside I got the first chance to test out the Mini Diana today! I love that camera, you get some cool looks from passing strangers some even ask what kinda camera it is! I like them kinda people! I took a few pics without flash, I tried out double exposure too. 

The most interesting bit of the afternoon was when we found this swan swimming around the river down the bottom of Castle Park in the river, so fed it some bread (YES I put the bread in the water, I’m not gonna risk it choking!) so it would come closer to the edge so I could get some photos. 

I’m happily snapping away, winding on the next square of film as fast as I can when it decided to jump up the bank and splash me! If you have ever seen a male swan out of the water and close up you will know how big they are! Dude, it was massive! I’m not scared of swans, I spent one summer down at the river just taking photos of them so they don’t bother me, but when I moved back to allow it room I must have dropped my lens cap! I’m not used to not being attached to the neck strap. Now there was my issue, I’m not scared of swans but I’m not mental either, I know they can inflict damage and for a lens cap I wasn’t willing risk getting a wing in my face! 

So I walked away thinking, oh it’ll just go back into the river, but no it followed us! The most hilarious thing of the day, huge swan waddling along the river path, like “I’m ready for my close up now.”  So while it was distracted by my Mum who did look a little worried I nipped back and picked up my lens cap! 

It got bored of us after a while and walked away back to the river to see who else was around that may have food. I decided after that I need to rig something up with my lens cap, so it doesn’t fall off, so I think I’m gonna drill a small hole and use some 1mm cotton cord and make it attached to the neck-strap that way I don’t loose the cap and it can’t be dropped or lost. 

I am excited to see how the photos come out, of course I won’t know until they are developed. Which is something people don’t understand when they say “Cool, lets see the pics of the swan.” and I’m like “You can’t yet, I’ve still got film to use.” People do look down on film but it’s brilliant medium that you can get some really good photographs from if you willing to be patient and wait! 

Also it should be used more often  it’s a medium we could very seriously loose one day! Kodak stopped making certain film in 2011 so it’s getting harder to buy. I have a healthy supply of 35mm films of various sorts but one day we won’t be able to buy it and imagine when I’m like 80 I can show the grand kids or what ever kids film and they will be like “Dude, what the hell is that?!”  You know like when my Granddad showed me this cool film viewer they picked up on holiday when they where in there 20’s. I was 15 at the time when he showed it to me and that was immense! I mean at the time when it was made that would have been really high tech! I honestly think film is a case of use it or loose it! 


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