I now have The Beatles ‘All You Need Is Love’ stuck in my head.


I found this little gem today just outside the Castle Park grounds in Colchester and loved it instantly. I love the bit at the top “And In the end all you need is love..”

I think it’s a mash-up of a load of different graffiti but I liked it! I love graffiti when it’s done in a way that improves the look of the place, now don’t take that the wrong way, I am not saying that all graffiti is OK cause it’s not!  I like arty stuff, and things that are done by some very talented artists.

I don’t like the random tags that get sprayed up all over the place that just look shit, I’m sorry but that do! But hell it’s expression of self so who am I to judge someone! Who hasn’t seen a good a bit of graffiti and thought “Wow that’s cool.” I see a lot on my travels, some good some bad. I do sometimes wonder how on earth they get to some of the locations that are high up and in odd places without breaking an arm or leg!

I’m telling you now if I had half the talent of some of these spray artists I’d be out every night! I may make that a challenge this summer to hunt down good graffiti and take photos of it using one of my Lomography cameras! So if you see a pale girl with black hair wandering around with a bright pink camera, I come in peace and may possibly be lost as my sense of direction is awful!


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