Music to sooth the soul (rant time.)

There isn’t a day that music doesn’t support us in some way or another.

I find that the music I listen to really speaks to me. I listen to pretty much anything but I mostly listen to rock, death metal and metal core. The band’s write their own songs, play all their own instruments and most of all they put their hearts and souls into the music.

So this week I have taken a few hits, had someone smack talking about me, but I won’t discus that, I truely pity that person.

But my point is that I shuffled the music on my iPod and just as I was reading all this persons deluded ramblings, a song came on and just spoke volumes to me.

It was You Me At Six feat Oli from Bring Me The Horizon, called ‘Bite My Tongue’ its a brilliant song when your sat looking at your best friends laptop in disbelief.

Well it was the part that Oli shouts that really hit me, the lyrics where so true. Said person was trying to bring me down but she can’t, cause I won’t let them.

So here is a picture of the lyrics. There is a little swearing in it though, the F word is used twice but hey its Oli…..


Well yes um, *clears throat and does my best Oli shouty voice*
“Just forget what you’ve learned
Just forget what you’ve heard
The truth just confirmed
I can’t bare the sight of you anymore
You’ve become what I hate
Sold yourself for a bit of fame
Now that the wolves have closed the door,
You wanna drag me down somemore
Fu*c you
Fu*k you.”

Enough said.


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