Nailing Your Colours To The Mast.

If I had a flag pole or indeed a mast I would most definitively ‘nail my PARAMORE’ colours to that mast! You may ask why that is and you may not but I’m going to tell you anyway!

Three years ago a fan named Claire (who runs ParamoreUK_IRE on twitter) invented a new national holiday of sorts, she dubbed it ‘Wear Your Paramore Shirt Day.’ And via Twitter, Facebook and email and various other mediums such as Tumblr she invited fellow fans to send in photos of themselves wearing their Paramore T-shirts to be included in a video that would be put on You Tube, with the best photo receiving a small prize. I don’t suppose she ever thought it would take off in the way it has. Though we should all be thanking her for inventing such a cool day for us all.

2011 was the fledgling year for this new day for Paramore fans worldwide to join forces and unite to share their love of the band. A year later and 2012 rolled in and it was time for Wear Your Paramore Shirt Day again and this time around Claire received thousands of entry’s from pretty much every corner of the globe, but it was one entry out of all those thousands that caught everyone’s attention, Hayley Williams herself entered a picture via her tumblr ‘Letsbefreaks’ and via her account on in fact she technically sent in two pictures!

It was this that really caught the attention of well, pretty much everyone, including MTV who deemed her involvement in the day as news worthy and posted a short post via their Buzz Worthy news site. I think at that point all the fans (including myself) just stopped and smiled, how many bands can you say have joined in with the fans on such a level or indeed connected with their fans in the way Paramore do, and indeed the way Hayley does, but I’m not here to fangirl over how cool Hayley IS, we know this fact right?! The fact is it’s not all about Hayley it’s about the whole band, all three of them and all of us fans.

The 7th of April 2013 marked the 3rd year of Wear Your Paramore Shirt Day, this time my entire twitter live feed was full of RT’s of pictures that where sent in, and again it got into the trends, and let me tell you that’s not easy trending something but with every single picture uploaded and tagged I think we can safely say we’ve done ourselves proud this year with the amount of photos and tweets.

Hayley was even involved via Twitter encouraging fans creativity, saying if they didn’t have a T-shirt that they could create their own from scratch using sharpies and a blank T-shirt. I’m not sure she will be personally sending a photo this year as Paramore are currently on tour and in New York, so she hadn’t packed one but I have a sneaking suspicion she may well create something anyway.

The fact is that you don’t gotta be skinny, you don’t gotta look a certain way, it’s not about looks and who is pretty and who isn’t, you don’t have to feel self-conscious because it’s about coming together as a group and saying “I am taking part in this and here I am.” You know you’re not gonna be judged by anyone, and scrolling through twitter Sunday and looking at all the many thousands of photos submitted I am proud to call myself a Paramore fan, the amount of effort that people have made astounds me, some of the customised clothes I’ve seen are immense!

This is why I love the fan base we have with Paramore. We wear our Paramore merch with pride and want the world to know we are out there supporting and representing Paramore. So nail your colours to the mast, and be proud of yourselves and what you have achieved. Never, ever apologize for who you are and what you love. Be proud of it.

I am so proud of every one of you that posted a photo sunday, even if you were a little scared or worried about it, you did it. It takes courage to post a photo up knowing not just your friends and family will see it and for that I salute you!


Hayley’s entry from 2012 on her blog over on letsbefreaks on tumblr.


And here I am in my battle gear! That is one of my own creations.

Well its’ now the 8th and Paramore is now officially available in the UK so I’m off to iTunes to get my download and maybe find a mast to nail them colours too!


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